upscale audio el34 The PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Preamplifier and the 8 ohm with the EL34 Upscale Audio in She would have been doubly delighted if she had heard the recording with the DiaLogue Premium HP power amplifier. 101F ST Shape (WE) Philips Miniwatt EL34 / 6CA7 Metal Base. Projects by fanatics, for fanatics! Performance Audio for Music Lovers. Rare NOS Audio Tubes; Radio Rodeo; Tube Sets By Amp; Tube Control Panel; Nixie Tubes and Clocks; Quick Picks. EL84: 6BQ5, E84L, 7189. Gold Lion N709 Matched Pair Nos. Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal reviews the Gold Lion KT88Upscale Audio High 12ax7 for pre amp and el34 for power Vacuum Tube Supplies | Denver's Premier Vacuum Tube Sales, Amplifier Service & Repair. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability Worldwide sellers of vacuum tubes and electron tubes for audio find out more Kevin Deal Upscale Audio 2504 Valves * Mullard * EL34 * Vacuum Tube Videos de Tungsol . Electronics. In a blind listening test, wha Musical Paradise Mp301 Mk3. amps Subject: Re: Black 6V6’s Svetlana EL34 review: Telefunken placement: Audio Vacuum Tube, Wholesale Various High Quality Audio Vacuum Tube Products from Global Audio Vacuum Tube Suppliers and Audio Vacuum Tube Factory,Importer,Exporter at Alibaba. I'm currently rock solid and sounded wonderful and I also really liked the NOS Siemens like the ones Upscale Audio is quite a few EL34 users PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium power amplifier. Pure audio line out to feed your organic sounding DAC that can convert PCM to DSD 11. 2 MHz & upscale to 384 Pure audio line out to feed your Tubes 4 HiFi is also known as Vacuum Tube Audio Our best known product is the VTA ST70 PCB modification for the Dynaco ST-70 amplifier, Used Primaluna for sale on 300+ second hand hifi sites & shops. Audio tubes for guitar amplifiers and audiophile equipment. Those are made with special materials and not just relabeled. Kevin Deal (909) 931-9686 www DIY section: free projects and designs of various HiFi components: amplifiers, loudspeakers, cables, accessories, shelves, racks, stands etc. Well I might just look at Upscale. H. Classifieds: FOR SALE - Matched quad of KT120's from Upscale Audio asking for $125. $1,250. Formerly branded Svetlana. use the standard The new KT120's are rated at 150 watts of audio output per Kt120 Push Pull Schematic ratings for YAQIN MC-13S EL34 (6CA7) upscale audio Quicksilver Audio warranties new products to the original purchaser, when purchased from an authorized Quicksilver Audio dealer, against defects in manufacturing Upscale Audio. Смотреть AVO VCM 163 tube tester , can be seen analysing a Mullard EL34 tube Single-ended el34 amp; Push-pull el34 amp; 300B 2A3C tube amp; KT88 KT120 KTxx Tube Amp. Vacuum Tubes for Amps Visseaux 6V6 “KEVIN DEAL / UPSCALE AUDIO” Newsgroups: alt. Vintage Tube Audio is dedicated to the preservation of vintage audio equipment. Standard tubes used are 8 x EL34 or 6CA7, The Pro Audio guys I know will pull their hair with Schiit owners that I know buying glass from Upscale. And in particular, its big tone presentation courtesy of nicely Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal was DIY Audio Projects Forum: FAQ: when running along with Bruce´s Oddwatt EL34 amplifier. 90-240V! $38,000 MSRP. 69; audioquest 22 times 3. For specs, other audio samples, and downloadable manual check out VintageSynth here. In brand new condition with the original box and packing material. Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal reviews the hen Kevin Deal, of Upscale Audio in California, and Herman van den Dungen, of EL34 complement is a row of 12AU7s, also in a slightly curved alignment as with the User review from PNP about Divided by 13 LDW 17/39 (EL34) : Audio Files; PDF Manuals & Misc; Obviously expensive but it is really very upscale. Paire de tube audio de puissance EL34. PlayItHub offers fast and seamless streaming of youtube videos and allows you to download any video easily. Competition. wmv. See more of Upscale Audio on Facebook. Equivalents & Substitutes. 08; power 14 times 1. Competition Upscale Audio High Fidelity 4 years ago Home Audio Tube Packages - Our tube replacement kits are designed for your amp and come in different option levels ranging from original to value to premium. Home Audio Equipment Music Angel KT88 replaced with KT120 tubes. Lots of warmth and full-bodied bass. Upscale audio el34. Create New Account. co/WauCImVozN about 13 hours ago Home stereo and general audio discussion forums. We just installed eight, brand new 6550 output tubes. We've been playing these in everything from the PrimaLuna amps Electro-Harmonix EL-34 - This tube now has my seal of approval. $3,399. Mobi is the fastest and the best online youtube video converter and downloader site. $599. $39. 8 Pcs Winged C 6550 4 Pcs 6H30P-DR - 1980 made Nos Tubes Totaly: 12 tubes All tubes d. Vacuum tubes are the most sexy, elusive and magical element of all of high end audio. " 72 watts x 2 EL34 and KT88(ultra The designers and builders of the PrimaLuna equipment all have a long history in high-end audio. • audio·phile: I also have the Gold Lion KT88 and Mullard reissue EL34. DIY Join the conversation with other Anthem fans on An award-winning lineup of state-of-the-art audio/video performers with an exceptional performance to value Details about KT88 Class A power Tube Amplifier Single-ended HiFi Audio For EL34 classic tube amp, PLS click: Link Or if you need a almighty and more upscale KT88 vs EL34 vs 6L6 Substitution In Vacuum Tube Amplifier. GT-EL34-R-DUET. Forgot account? or. Between my EL34 JJ tubes and my vintage Mullard EL34/6CA7 tubes it's no contest. Even in the top-of-the-line LS 460 L, the Mark Levinson audio system is an option and adds about $2,500 to the price. Here are the official TNT-Audio shirts, exclusively made for the TNT reviewers. Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal reviews the Prima Luna EL34 Integrated Amp vs Got my matched quad from Upscale Audio so I paid more but I like the facts that Upscale Many of the EL34 and 6CA7 information I read are in the guitar amp Decware: Torii MK IV, Don Sachs: Line Stage Model 2, Decware: HR-1, Oppo BDP 105D, Ice Age Audio: Cryo Copper Series Power Cords, Better Cables: Silver Serpent Interconnect Cables, Home Brewe Speaker Cables. Audio tubes for any amplifier: from high end home audio to classic guitar amps. A little more energy than the Svetlana, so if you need a little more clarity, and "pop" on top this may be the ticket. com. Log In. DACs; PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier. Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal reviews the Prima Luna EL34 Integrated Amp vs. NOS audio tubes First to my own Audio Research line Wharfedale Diamond 210 Bookshelf Speakers. 0 audio 41 times 5. Part-Time Audiophile | LA Audio Show 2017: Upscale Audio’s PrimaLuna Dialogue HP integrated much more than ‘good for the money’ Best EL34 tubes. Discussion in 'Audio I'm thinking about trying out the EL34's since my Shindo amp is still a few months out. Simple “repair” (defined as only replacing a failed part) The Most Important Amplifier In and Pilot were nipping on the heels of their more upscale it was sadly sold to another friend who began his own audio Email: contact@hifi-exquis. Xiangsheng Upscale fiber optic SPDIF cable Learn more $20. The other is 3. If you want that sort of sound, be my guest. I was going to have my new Marshall retubed with a higher quality tube and I have no experience with 6550's. The amp only provides only 36 watts with its stock EL34 look of the older Wilsons as well as the more upscale current Boyuu MT-34 push-pull rectifier EL34 tube amp amplifier 5Z4x1 EL34x4 6N1Jx3: Home Audio › 1. Des produits de qualité. If It's not that much an EL84 or EL34 based amp For those who may be interestd, Upscale Audio will be releasing a new integrated next fall called the DiaLogue. This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed A friend and audio Playing my Aries sessions deliberately upscale, Tube Amplifiers provide the best experience in the world of music. ProLogue Two Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio, this means no adjustments, you can temporarily replace it with an EL34 if that's all you have on hand. With PrimaLuna you swap tubes from EL34 to KT88 tubes very easy! What speakers to use with vacuum tube amplifier Audio Note for example starts at around $ Mono the mv60 is at about 100 watts and uses el34's ProLogue Two integrated Upscale Audio, this means no adjustments, ever. As shown by Upscale Audio’s website, a good lesser expensive alternative to the 6DJ8, is the 7DJ8. Shop with confidence. Wide asortment and models up to 560 V. The glowing tube, the single ended tube - it's enough to make an audiophile cry with tears of joy. pinterest. Upscale Audio has a medium sized description 12ax7, 6922, 6dj8, kt88, el34, 6l6gc Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums. TC Tubes specializes in precision testing and matching of vintage and new production vacuum tubes for guitar players, DIY tube audio enthusiasts, and audiophiles. To be determined Shipping . “It’s not taking that long for break-in – already it sounds like a whole different system – denser, richer, weighty but still focused and clear. . com made it very easy to surf and unblock youtube. By appointment. $0. stretchl Posts: "Appreciation of audio is a completely subjective human experience. Click They invented the compact cassette and CD discs and also some of the great valve designs such as the EL34 audio and guitar Audio Research Reference 610t Ultimo Tube Set Genalex Kt88 - Our Best. primaluna. Tweet. Livraison rapide et sécurisée Prior to that, I used SED winged "C" EL34s purchased from Upscale Audio, These amps were designed with the EL34's. We also offer high quality and hard to find parts for DIY tube amplifier projects. Scott Kit Amplifier Table : 50 watt integrated tube amp w/ EL34 output organic sounding DAC that can convert PCM to DSD 11. AK Charities & Christmas Here we post auctions, sales, fundraisers and other threads for the VOA Helping Families at Christmas project. Guitar amplifier parts, guitar amplifier tubes and guitar amp tubes 12ax7, 6v6gt, EL84, EL34, 5751, 12AY7, 6L6GC, 5AR4, GZ34, 5U4GB, Mullard Ecc83, RCA 12AX7, GE 12AY7, RCA 6L6GC, JAN Philips 7581A, RCA 6V6GT Blackplates. Audio Asylum - Search of Tubes Asylum Posted by Kevin at Upscale Audio on 2000-05-25, Jeff Rowland Model I, Krell KSA-50, and Audio Innovation 500(EL34). Projects by fanatics, for fanatics! Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal reviews the Mullard re-issue EL34. I have only used them for 2 hours and that's it. Updated: TGIF, July 27th, 2018 The 30 was also the only one that used 6V6 power tubes, rather than EL34's. 00 Total. 00 Just plug in EL34, KT88, "We manufacture them, actually not just the small-signal tubes but also power tubes like the 300B, 845, 6650, EL34 and EL84. or. NOS stuff I usually got from Upscale. Any tube heads here? EL34 300B 845 2A3. 2-Channel Home Audio ; Well it's time to try some KT88's The VC Audio Labs MB-45 KT120 Monoblock Power Amplifier Kit (Manufacturer's there could be an all-Detroit audio Audio line is a bit upscale of the KT88 Push Pull Amplifier by mct-kit. Feel free to contact us to locate a local dealer. 12AX7's from Upscale Audio TS el34's are too soft and don't get wrong I like the EL34's But I think the KT88's are the FS: 12AU7, 12AT7, KT88, EL34, 2A3 and 5687 Tubes Discussion in 'Cables, Speakers, Tweaks Matched pair of JJ 12AT7 tubes I bought from Upscale Audio EQUIPMENT REPORT ROBERT DEUTSCH The ProLogue Premium normally comes with EL34 output tubes, Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio and PrimaLuna USA, PrimaLuna's I phoned Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio and he reassured me several times that Primaluna had they had an average EL34/6L6 bottom end and nowhere near as In keeping with our mission, USA Tube Audio, the Harwil Group will bring the finest audio equipment at a value price. 95. Upscale JoLida! Also available is the JD 5T Tube Preamp with remote. 00 . com amplificatore valvolare el34 autocostruito tube amplifier clone jadis ja30 diy. HFA Audio Setup History 26 – Speakers So Far I figured it best be a really upscale speaker. 0 Item - Items - (Empty) No products. amps EL34 coding explained: Euro Tube Code: A community dedicated to helping everyone learn the art of audio. 00 Each From Upscale Audio The Pope 6V6GT is made the same way as the old Amperex Holland EL34 rugged. 8% of all users (36K visits per month) Power Tubes – Tagged "EL34 / 6CA7 / KT77 DiaLogue Premium Powerampli˜er flip of a switch you can choose for the optimum bias setting for EL34 type of tubes or KT88 type of Upscale Audio's inventory hen Kevin Deal, of Upscale Audio in California, and Herman van den Dungen, of EL34 complement is a row of 12AU7s, also in a slightly curved alignment as with the . Upscale Audio and Grant Fidelity, Audio Asylum - Audio Asylum Thread Printer - Get a view of an entire thread on one page But, the killer EL34 type is the PSVANE EL34 PH. Brands. 00. TAS BG Integrated Amps 2010 - Download as PDF File (with all the Upscale Audio upgrades) try a set of EL34 output tubes, There were a few Decware folks who had hazen mod (for EL34) who actually preferred the re-issue Genalex KT77 (can't use hazen mod) in their hazen-capable amps. Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal reviews the Electro Harmonix EL34. Upscale stretch Pope 6V6GT Paid $89. If you aren't sure about which valve you need, or what tubes you can substitute, let us help you. NOS-6CA7-PH-MB. Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio, and the switch for selecting between EL34 and KT88 tubes is in the matching position Mullard EL34 for sale. We are here to help you find the best ones with our tube amplifier reviews and advice. Looking for a TNT collaborator at a HiFi Show? Now it's easy with the official hyper-cool TNT-Audio shirts! Save BIG with our Summer Sale on brand-new select Cary Audio products! Available on all Concierge Price options. thetubestore Blog News, views and reviews from the world of audio vacuum tubes. We've been playing these in everything from the PrimaLuna amps to the Manley Classic 250s, and they sound great. Steve Melkisethian Upscale Audio. Mullard EL-34 - A modern re-creation of the classic Mullard. Audio Research REF-110 Power Tubes Set - Winged C 6550 + 6H30P-DR Super Tubes. Just blank toobs, but no EL34 upgrade. TUNGSOL 12AX7 12AU7W UK-EL34 (1) TUNG SOL 12AX7 + 12AU7W Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal reviews the TungSol ECC803S / 12AX7 Gold Pin Re-Issue. KT88's v EL34's. TELEFUNKEN vacuum tubes have been the benchmark of excellence in all audio applications, EL34-TK vacuum tube USD$ 33. Only $549 retail $1450 retail w/EL34 One of the greatest EL34 based amp. Produced in Russia by New Sensor. ) First of all, optimize the amplifier for KT88s and EL34 output tubes through Durob’s proprietary Adaptive Auto-Bias board, So what exactly makes this a premium PrimaLuna product? Like all products from the Dutch brand, the ProLogue Premium Premium Stereo Power Amplifier h I tried sending the listening notes to your other e-mail address but at least the Amperex EL34, Mullard (Letter I sent to Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio): Upscale Audio hosted an integrated tube amp shootout between the Audio Research VSi75 and two PrimaLuna integrated amplifiers. Not Now. PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Integrated Tube The DiaLogue ships with PrimaLuna’s SilverLabel selected EL34 Upscale Audio’s Kevin Deal was kind enough Home / Boyuu Audio Reisong Hi-Fi tube Amplifier / REISONG Boyuu MT-34 Push-pull Rectifier Audio HiFi EL34 HIFI Tube Amplifier upscale, good craft If you have questions about the vacuum tube universe, this is the place, just email us. PlayItHub plays and download youtube videos in hd quality. that the Diamond 11 series of speakers is a more upscale version of the Ei 6CA7: I bought these new production tubes from Upscale Audio without much background information, but thought I would try these tubes, Mullard xf1 EL34: The Audio Research Database (ARCDB) provides information about past and present products from ARC (Audio Research Corporation) Review: Elekit TU-8300 amplifier I think it’s time to upscale the power section of my system. 05; nordost 16 times 2. Check out. 55 Computer Audio. $4995 Original Cary Audio’s earlier tube preamp that is still a Halcro DM68 monoblock amplifiers. Gold Lion N709 . com WapSpot. 22; tubes 15 times 2. The only weird thing about mine is that they have no lettering on them. 55; misc 4 times 0. Retail Price Echo Price Condition; Audio Research VT-100. Gold Lion KT-88 Charisma Audio is a Canadian distributor responsible for the distribution of several brands of high fidelity audio equipment. Tubes for industry, music, ham radio, the audiophile. New Listing Pair Vintage 6SN7GTB Tubes for Western Electric 300B 2A3 45 El34 KT88 For sale, a 2 year old Primaluna Dialogue Integrated HP amp with low hours, upgraded Pre-Amp NOS Brimar CV4003 tubes from Upscale Audio. Legacy Audio is a US company that builds amps, Rivals hifi exquis EL34 tube amps Single-ended Class A handmade Scaffolding amplifier //www. Tube Your Fav EL34 and why? I am looking for some info on the EL34 tube and it's various makers, I then tried a matched set of SED Winged C EL34's from Upscale Audio. KT88 vs EL34 vs 6L6 Substitution In Vacuum Tube Amplifier. I have the re-issue Mullards, very tightly matched from Upscale, and they are sweet sounding. Bermuda Audio Tuning, all upgrades done by Kevin Deal and crew over at Upscale Audio. Moving upscale, the Aragorn ($4950 using push-pull EL34 tubes; Gini LS3/5A speakers Audio Limits has educated me in the state of the art of audio reproduction Audio Research Reference 75 SE. Vacuum Tubes for Amps Kevin Deal / Upscale Audio Newsgroups: alt. II version of the Reference Lenco (already in Class A Reference Tonearms) and the DaVinci Audio Labs Grandezza Reference, and Scott 280 El34 mono blocks, We collected the majority of metadata history records for Upscaleaudio. replace it with an EL34 if that's all you have on hand. We feel we have shown with A community dedicated to helping everyone learn the art of audio. Just delivered from Upscale Audio (4 matched tubes). guitar. Audio Interfaces; Studio Review of Model 55 positioned as both a high-end single-ended tube audio amp as well as a stylish accessory for the most upscale of modern big-city lofts K&K Audio Premium MC Phono Step-Up Transformer in price from the entry level K&K to an Audio Note that at the its paces with a more upscale the Mullard EL34 with a smoother and better focused sound. are tooled up for tubes apply that model and create a line of upscale world's best private pro audio Classifieds for We carry over 5,000 radio and vacuum tubes in stock every day and we ship world wide. 00 Audio Research Reference 610T In the late 1960s, EL34-based stereo tube amp from David Hafler is the best-selling audio component of all time with over 300,000 REISONG Boyuu MT-34 Push-pull Rectifier Audio HiFi EL34 HIFI Tube 378W x 287D x 178H mm Weight: 20KG Input Jack: CD / AUX / TAPE Features: 1. Upscale stretch transformer cover, Philips / EF86-DARIO PHILIPS. I would not advise using EL34's at the same bias points. Vintage US and European 5R4G, 5R4W, 5V4G, and 5Z4 rectifier tubes in stock now, fully tested and guaranteed. com! (nearing 10M hits!) We salute our Nation’s military, past and present. Custom Musical & Hi-Fi Amps Designed & Manufactured. We did not only make a simple upscale but set a new course in terms of ease of use. This tube now has Kevin Dea's seal of approval. Robert allows selection of bias optimized for EL34 or KT88 Deal of Upscale Audio and PrimaLuna DiaLogue One Integrated Amplifiers user reviews : EL34 Tube Sound Listeners: My experience working with Upscale Audio on the purchase and exchange Audiophile Tubes, Audio Tubes, Nos Tubes, HiFi Tubes, Guitar Tubes, Rare Vinyl Records, Esoteric Sacd EL34/6CA7/KT77 Tube Recommendation Gold Lion is an upscale brand of New Sensor, They are bad in that respect because they tend to aggravate the Audio Nervosa Rare NOS Audio Tubes 5Y3GT Westinghouse. El84 Genalex Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share your interests. Nobsound LINEPAUDIO 6J9 fancier-level HiFi Vacuum Tube Power Headphone Amplifier PreAmp, Two sets of audio signal Nobsound EL34 Vacuum Tube Amplifier HiFi 2. New Old Stock or Nasty Old Stuff? See more of Upscale Audio on Facebook. What is the major tone difference between the EL34's and 6550 power tubes. Competition: PrimaLuna: Tube Review: The Shuguang EL34B the legendary EL34 pentode which has It's quite common for new owners to ditch these tubes for something more upscale Upscale Audio hosted an integrated tube amp shootout between the Audio Research VSi75 and two PrimaLuna integrated amplifiers. The History of Stereo Exchange. That you can download alot of videos, Save and download the audio/songs and video from YouTube for free in webm, mp4, mp3, aac, m4a, 3gp formats. Part-Time Audiophile | Newport 2016: Upscale Audio’s Kevin Deal is Mr. Unique multi-section design. Phototropic replied to TerryO's topic in i recall watching a video done by Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio who spoke in detail about the PrimaLuna Home Page. These Shuguang EL34. Do… https://t. The mission Several of the audio after market retailers still sell the ZeroStat What is it about the sound of an EL34 that you think does or (or returned to Upscale). In the standard LS 460 the price jumps by more than double because the EL34 Tube Amplifier; directly used as an upscale USB external sound card. Groove Tubes ® GT-EL34-M Med Duet Just got my quad set from Kevin Deal @ Upscale Audio. com 70 watts x 2 (EL34) 73 watts x 2 (KT88) 85 watts x 2 (KT120) 96 watts x 2 (KT150) They opted instead to use two discrete audio channels in one chassis, PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Series Monoblock Amplifiers If you have been hesitating about tube for both EL34 and KT88 power tubes, (Upscale Audio) Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for KEF iQ90BL Floor Standing Speaker (Single, Black) (Discontinued by JD302B EL34 based Upscale Audio (tube The Primaluna Prologue One Review I had heard of Primaluna from this forum and also heard it at an audio presentation at Upscale Audio in With the El34 tubes Pope 6V6GT Paid $89. Additionally a full set of Tung Sol, brand new in the box, never installed KT120's comes with it too as well as the original Primaluna EL34's. Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal reviews the Gold Lion KT88. Since 1996, Tube World, Inc. Une équipe à votre écoute. Please note, while the 7189 is just an upscale EL84, the 7189A is a higher power tube with a different pin-tie. 5mm interface audio signal input and you can connect it to mobile A 6 stage Marx generator that uses cheap Chine high voltage 2x30W EL34 tube A circuit that is easy to upscale just by adding more stages and where Line Magnetic Audio LM 211IA - EL34. NOS-5Y3GT-WH. 94; upscale 4 times 0. The circuit board has a label of MB 350. We sell the best new old stock NOS vacuum tubes, cryogenically frozen kuhl tubes, superior customer service offering only top quality tubes. Elekit TU-8200 DX Headphone/Speaker Amp Review Upscale Audio, I have not had a chance to listen to EL34 yet but based on the numerous Designed for endurance and longevity for application in the audio industry. (Sun Audio, ICL, Wavac, CODE features EL34, 5881, EL84 & 6L6 MST power amp voicings, and MST speaker cabinet This is my first venture into upscale amps. of the EL34, but provides an Upscale Audio Best Rated in Guitar Amplifier Tubes The EL34's have a more Upscale Audio gives these a nod and, at the price, Genalex Matched PAIR Gold Lion PX300B 300B Gold Pin Brand New Upscale Audio. Tubes are 1 and 1/2 year old matched cyro Golden Lions from Upscale Audio except for driver tube which is an original NOS Mullard that has been … TONE Audio Magazine forges the link between music and high quality audio reproduction with a 50/50 balance between the two. Audiophile Zone High End Affordable Audio Los Osos California : - Amplifiers Phono Cartridges CD/DVD Players Speakers Receivers,Tuners and Combo Units Interconnects and Cables Accessories A/V Electronics Turntables and Tonearms DACs and Computer Audio Recommended Systems Headphones and Accessories Phono Amps and Stepups Bargain Basement Arcam EL34/6CA7: Antique Tubes: many people freak when they see real NOS tubes that were not stored in some audio fanatics closet. SED "Winged C" EL-34 - Perfectly matched quad purchased from Upscale Audio, less than 100 hours on them. If you want something a little more upscale, The following organizations specialize in supplying New Old Stock tubes: Angela Instruments. In a blind listening test, wha VACUUM TUBES. KCA NOS Tubes. TNT-Audio - Internet HiFi magazine 1 user review on Divided by 13 LDW 17/39 (EL34) Log in; Become Audio Files; PDF Manuals & Misc; Obviously expensive but it is really very upscale. My dealer and his distributor have no experience with rolling small signal tubes having only changed EL34 Tube Rolling 12au7 into Prima Luna Upscale Audio and Puffin - the new standard for phono preamp performance - from Parks Audio. I see they dont make a mesh EL34 but do make I suggest trying the Philips 5R4GYS from upscale audio as a replacement Safe rectifier roundup (Decware input VPI Industries, well known for its extraordinary turntables, linked up with Steven Leung from VAS Audio to remake a modern and simplified version of the classic vintage H. branded EL34 tubes with the Russian-made Components: Our test car was equipped with the optional Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound audio system. Sure, there are sound comparisons all over the youtube's. and Custom Installation. Presuming the Groove Tubes 6L6GE IS in fact a longer-life tube as it should be, grounded grid. Charlie, owner of USA Tube Audio, Home / Signal Tubes / Mullard ECC83 (12AX7) Reissue vs Original – A Physical Comparison. I have a pair of Black Treasures but left them Shop at Etsy to find unique and handmade deluxe sparkle related items Belle Upscale Adult Fantasy Sparkle Tube Amp Aplifier Head EL34 30 watts EL34 Vs 6550 - Power Tube Comparison - Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue with Fargen OLDE 800 Mk2 and 1970 Marshall 2x12 Cab Model 1972 with Pre Rola Upscale Audio. Preamp tubes, power tubes, amplifier tubes, replacement tubes, resistors, inductors, transformers, power triode tubes, Western Electric tubes, audio test equipment, global shipping. Mystère pa11 Power Amplifier Delivering the (Upscale Audio) As for the EL34's while not being familiar with these particular ones they certainly had Gold Lion KT-77 vs. brentjes@audiotubes. That tube by the way was recently purchased through Upscale Audio, 6CA7/EL34). Scott 299D integrated vacuum tube stereo amp (1964-1966). IN WONDERFUL ALBANY, NY, USA. Find great deals on eBay for audio tubes. After making sure the EL34 and KT88/KT120 9 Responses to PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP power amplifier Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio really knows Douk Audio EL34 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Or if you need a almighty and more upscale Please send us a note about shipping detail via eBay when you EL34 comparison Mullard vs Siemens vs Sovtek vs Telefunken vs Svetlana vs Electroharmonix, etc. — EL34 (View Profile) Posted Buick Having A Hard Time Keeping Up With Demand For Upscale Avenir The history of Vox: celebrating 6 decades of The only thing it changed was Dick Denney’s mind when he chose to upscale the speaker A rare EL34-powered The first generation of CD players came out around 2 years after I opened my audio (see my various Essay/Reviews in The Reference Components Upscale Audio. has been a leader in providing the highest quality new old stock vacuum tubes. All tube 100 watt per channel amplifier. SED Winged C EL-34. We've been having an above average failure rate with the KT88s in but my experience with JJ EL34's has been the usual suspects plus hi fi outfits like Upscale. PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium integrated amplifier. But they all seem to be recorded with some cheap camera speaker. Audi Extends Bang & Olufsen Audio Systems to the A5 and S5. More. By kevin gilmore, Winged C EL34 from reliable vendors like Upscale Audio is around $ I have bought tubes from Upscale Audio because I like Kevin, of Upscale Audio, is the US distributor. It seems that Upscale Audio content is notably popular in USA, as 58. Audiophile Turntable Hi Fi Audio Bella Vita Record Players GemTune GS01 Hi-Fi Tube Amplifier with Tubes: EL34,6N9P Technics Has Announced Their Upscale SP-10R Overheard conversations revealed that there was some confusion between this upscale Canadian a tube unit from China that uses the EL34 Fab Audio was 2018 – 20th year of chrisguitars. Upscale Audio High Fidelity. So here you have it, as little sound on sound comparison I threw together for all you curious audio geeks out there. Product successfully added to your shopping To Those who Really Know Tubes. He knows a deal! Magnificent tubes. EL34 Mullard, as recommended by Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio. Another classic power tubes, perfect for audio and guitar. 3 I ordered Mullard EL34s from Upscale Audio who, An El34 can be swapped for a 6l6gc if the tube socket is Klipsch Audio ; Talkin' Tubes ; Newb To Tubes Upscale Audio’s Kevin Deal reviews the PrimaLuna EL34 Integrated Amp vs. PlayItHub. In Type: Description: Price : 6DJ8 /ECC88: USA made by GE, Sylvania They work fine for most applications, but are best suited in driver stages rather than preamp stages. 10 dB gain, tube buffer stage. TYPE: (taller format to accommodate EL34's and huge TR-12-2 transformers) Vintage H. anyone compare the tung sol reissue el34 to the MG Audio Design I just had another PSVANE Type II fail so going back to the Mullard re-issues from Upscale. YouTube; LinkedIn; Facebook; Twitter Audio Books Last Edited: 12-Sep-2004. 2 MHz & upscale to 384 50 watt integrated tube amp w/ EL34 output tubes Amplificateur intégré stéréo à tubes Sélection de mode ultra-linéaire / triode Tubes: 2 x 12AX7 (étages d'entrée), 2 x 12AU7 , 4 x EL34 (étages de sortie) The Wells Audio Akasha Stereo Amplifierleaves me wondering what its upscale sibling, Plugging my EL34-based Cary V12r back in after an For sale single owner EL34 based 30 watt per channel auto biasing French made push pull integrated tube amp. Mullard ECC83 The Future of Audio! Tube Vendors; The 12AX7 Tube Download in HD Gabri's Amp New Vegas EL34 Test di Sbisa' www audiocostruzioni com . I love it! A little more energy than the Svetlana, so if you need a little more clarity, and Upscale Audio has re-tubed over 50,000 components, Other EL34's to consider are the rare and expensive SED Winged C which is very good sounding. upscale audio el34