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Los Angeles

$1 Million+ Negligent Security

Improper security in a bar known for gang violence causing extended hospitalization.

San Diego

$1 Million+ Bar Negligence

Confidential settlement resulting in 7 figures.

West Hollywood

$100,000 Auto Accident

Client t-boned at an intersection and received minor injuries.

Los Angeles

$1,000,000 Uber Litigation

Hit & Run automobile accident.

West Hollywood

$750,000 Uber Litigation

Automobile accident resulting in soft tissue injuries.

Los Angeles

$500k Auto Accident

Low impact rear end causing back neck pain.

Los Angeles

$500,000 Auto Crash

Rear-end auto accident resulting in soft tissue injuries

Los Angeles

$250K Auto Accident

T-bone causing soft tissue injuries.

Los Angeles

$250K Hit & Run

Low impact causing soft tissue neck pain.

Los Angeles

$175,000 Public Utilities Negligence

Negligent maintenance of a traffic signal resulting in personal injury.

Los Angeles

$150,000 Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle hit by automobile on 405 freeway resulting in minor injuries.


Not Guilty Verdict White Collar Crime

2 week jury trial. Client found not guilty of identity theft.

West Hollywood

$165,000 Auto Accident

Client sustained minor injuries when hit by automobile in crosswalk.

West Hollywood

$525,000 Negligent Security

Client received injuries as a result of an assault & battery by apartment complex security.

Los Angeles

Plea Deal First Degree Murder Charge

Plead to involuntary manslaughter and client released for time served after 9 months.

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