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Trucking Accidents


West Hollywood Trucking Accidents Lawyer

If You’ve Been Injured in a Truck Accident, Here’s What You Need to Know

Given their size and power, truck collisions can pose a serious risk to other vehicles and pedestrians. In an area such as Los Angeles — where traffic density is extremely high — this risk is greatly amplified.

It’s estimated that trucking accidents injure roughly 500,000 Americans each year, and kill another 5,000. The majority of these fatalities involved tractor trailers, some of the largest and most dangerous vehicles on the road.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the specific risks associated with truck collisions and the steps you need to take if you’re in an accident.

Why Truck Accidents Can Be Especially Dangerous

There are two primary reasons why collisions involving trucks tend to be deadlier: Weight and stopping time. The average tractor trailer weighs up to 15x more than the average car; the force and impact created by such heavy vehicles can cause devastating damage. Additionally, because of their size and design, trucks cannot stop nearly as quickly as smaller vehicles. The average tractor trailer needs nearly twice as many feet to stop once brakes are applied compared to the average car.

Other factors that often influence truck accidents include:

  • Exhausted drivers. While the trucking industry has implemented limits on how long drivers can go without breaks or sleep, this issue remains a key contributing factor to accidents.
  • Distracted driving. Like regular motorists, truckers sometimes allow themselves to be distracted and take their eyes off the road.
  • Tire or brake problems. These issues can be far more serious when large trucks are involved, given their slow stopping speed and enormous power.

What To Do if You’re Involved in a Truck Accident

 If you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in a truck collision, it’s vitally important that you take the right steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. That begins with knowing what to do while you’re on the scene.

If anyone is in need or medical assistance, contact first responders at once. Next, you’ll need to write down the details of the accident: Where it occurred, how it happened, road conditions etc. Consider taking video and photos of any damage and of the accident scene itself. Additionally, you should speak to any witnesses and ask them to provide contact details. All of this can be critical later if litigation is necessary.

If you’ve been injured in the truck accident, document those injuries along with any lost wages, transportation expenses or other financial losses you’ve incurred. If your injuries are significant, it’s advisable to speak with an attorney who specializes in trucking accidents. Insurance companies employ expert negotiators and claims personnel who have one goal: To minimize payouts to people affected by accidents. Hiring an experienced attorney can level the playing field and help ensure that you are treated fairly.

Finding the Right West Hollywood Truck Accident Attorney

At the Law Offices of Craig Charles, we fight for the rights of local truck accident victims every day. If you’ve been affected by such an accident, we urge you to contact us for an immediate consultation. Let us help ensure that you receive fair treatment and equitable compensation for what you’ve lost.

The Law Office of Craig Charles is located in Weho. We are LGBT-friendly and we have the experience to handle even the most complex and challenging trucking accident cases. Contact us today for an immediate consultation.

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