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Ride Sharing Accidents

The state of California has incubated many of the most exciting new technological innovations that improve our daily lives. Transformational new products and services are created here, then introduced to the rest of the world.

Ridesharing is perhaps the most prominent example of this phenomenon. As hard as it is to believe today, there were only a handful of Uber drivers operating in California in 2009. A decade later, 95 million people now use the Uber app on a monthly basis.

And Uber is but a single company. The ridesharing industry is projected to be worth $12 billion collectively by 2025.

While this might be a great development for riders seeking convenience (and people working in the Gig Economy), there is one category of people who don’t look on ridesharing so fondly: Those who have been injured in accidents.

Ridesharing Accidents 101

As mentioned above, California was at the vanguard of ridesharing development. The California legislature has also taken the lead in terms of protecting riders.

State legislators passed Bill AB2993, which requires ridesharing drivers to maintain at least $200,000 in liability insurance when traveling without drivers, and $1 million in liability insurance when traveling with a driver.

If you’ve been injured while traveling with a ridesharing company, many of the same protocols you’d follow with a conventional vehicle collision apply. You should contact police, take photos and video of the scene, speak to witnesses and seek appropriate medical care.

And, just as importantly, contact an experienced ridesharing accident attorney.

Finding the Right Los Angeles Ridesharing Accident Attorney

Ridesharing accidents are often more complex than standard collisions in terms of assigning liability and pursuing compensation.

One thing remains constant, however: The other side will have a team of experienced attorneys working to ensure that your compensation is as low as possible.

In order to receive fair compensation for your injuries, it’s imperative that you have an equally experienced advocate fighting for your rights.

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