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Brain Injuries

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Perhaps no personal injury is so devastating as brain damage. Losing the ability to walk, talk or think in the manner to which we’re accustomed can be a deeply traumatic experience that strikes at the core of our identity. Due to the catastrophic nature of many brain injuries, lifelong physical, emotional, mental and financial consequences often ensue.

In a scenario like this, it’s absolutely imperative that you have an experienced legal advocate by your side — one who can fight to ensure you receive fair compensation and compassionate treatment.

Let’s take a closer look at the nature of brain injuries, and what steps to take if this situation affects you or someone you love.

The Facts About Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are a major cause of disability in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). These injuries, sadly, are on the rise: The CDC reports that the number of ER admissions for traumatic brain injuries rose 53% from 2006 to 2014. Thousands of people die each year from serious brain injuries in the US, and hundreds of thousands more are seriously injured.

According to the CDC, traumatic brain injuries are caused by bumps, blows or jolts to the brain that disrupt normal brain function. These injuries range from mild to severe, with the mild form being what is commonly called a concussion.

The CDC reports that there are nearly 3 million brain injury related ER visits, hospitalizations and deaths each in the US. Brain injuries are listed as a contributing cause in more than 50,000 deaths each year. Falls are the most common cause of brain injuries, followed by being struck by an object, being in a traffic collision or engaging in self harm.

The most critical risk factor for brain injuries is age. People 65 and older are much more likely to sustain a serious brain injury after suffering from a fall or striking their head in some fashion.

What To Do In The Event Of A Brain Injury

If your injury results in a brain injury it is crucial to hire an experienced attorney with the knowledge and skill to obtain maximum compensation. Craig Charles Law has a long track record of fighting on behalf of clients with brain injuries, thus ensuring the best possible outcome for you.

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