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Monica Wilkes

March 20, 2020

I was referred to Craig Charles by a friend who spoke very highly of him. I was in a car accident where my car flipped over and the other party was at fault and uncooperative. I reached out to Craig who took my case, I was not the easiest client to have since I had just started a new job and was traveling and reluctant to miss work for my appointments. I was sent to a specialist for my back, who seemed overwhelmed and did not take my complaints serious, so instead of closing the case as instructed by the doctor, Craig sent me to another doctor who performed an MRI. This doctor found damage and was able to treat it. Craig was very patient and helpful, I always felt that he was more concerned about my health and well being than closing the case. I highly recommend Craig and would definitely work with him again!

Carlos Healy

Feb 17, 2020

Craig Charles is a wonderful lawyer. He is very knowledgeable and patient. He always took my calls right away when I needed to talk to him and handled my case very professionally. He helped me with a handsome settlement. I completely recommend him.

Joan McMurtrey

Dec 07, 2019

How lucky was I to find Craig to represent me with my car accident. Not only was he efficient and thorough, his kindness and professionalism speaks volumes to his integrity. I highly recommend him to all who need a fantastic attorney and advocate.

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