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Craig was referred to me by a friend who sang his praises and I can say he DID NOT disappoint. In a time when I needed someone with the professional knowledge to guide me through a stressful and challenging situation, Craig absolutely delivered. In addition to his extensive expertise Craig treats his clients with kindness, patience and empathy. I could not have asked for anyone better to have handled my case. Craig exceeded my expectations in every way possible. If you’re in need of a lawyer, I can’t recommend Craig highly enough.

Garret H.

I was referred to Craig Charles through a coworker after being injured in an auto accident. I’d previously consulted with two other attorneys for advice, but hadn’t felt comfortable. From my very first conversation with Craig it was a night and day difference – I knew immediately he was the right fit. Throughout the entire process he was by my side, his genuine caring and patience coming across in every interaction: from answering my questions and checking in on my health, to putting all the pieces together that would ultimately prove my case. He is the perfect balance of an attorney who is knowledgeable, experienced, honest, compassionate, trustworthy, and assertive – he will fight for you. I would without hesitation recommend Craig Charles to anyone in need of a top notch attorney, fully confident they’d be in excellent hands. Thank you, Craig!

Lisa G

I was recommended to Mr. Craig Charles by a friend. After speaking with him about two cases that were filed against me by a person that I trusted in the past, Craig was able and willing to take them on. Though Craig’s background is mostly on Personal Injury. Craig was able to work both cases. First, was a criminal case, I was wrongly accused of. Craig saw that right from the start which made him fight for me so hard to ensure I got justice. As Craig worked on the case, he kept me in touch and informed me of every detail. Finally the court date came where we were on trial, I wish I could tell you all the details but just to sum it up after a week long trial the jury found me NOT GUILTY! in less than 10 minutes! Yes! Thank you Jesus!!! Craig did an amazing job! I will forever be grateful to Mr. Craig Charles for his hard work and dedication.

This person also had a Civil Case against me of $250,000 which once again I was wronged and Craig saw that. After taking on this case, Craig went to court many times and fought for me for justice to be done. After many court dates Craig had the judge dismiss the Civil Case before it went to trial. YES! Thank you Jesus!!! When Craig called me to inform me that the Civil case was dismissed, I couldn’t even breath because I was so excited, I started jumping up and down! He is an amazing attorney, he is diligent, honest, faithful, trustworthy, dedicated and so professional. I could go on and on. I have the utmost respect for him as an attorney and now as a friend. To God be the Glory!!! Praise God this is behind me.

I highly recommend Mr. Craig Charles, he will take on your case and fight for you till justice is done!

Thank you Mr. Craig Charles and God Almighty!

Esther C.

I cannot say enough great things about Craig Charles. From the very beginning, I felt confident that he would have my best interests at heart. He is the consummate professional, highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I suffered fairly severe spinal fractures in a car accident this winter and I quickly discovered that when you’ve been injured in an accident, insurance companies are not your friend. Dealing with them was incredibly frustrating. Craig was an exceptional advocate and a top-notch attorney who went above and beyond any level of expectations. Without hesitation, I highly recommend him.

Bj Scalia

Let me preface this review by stating Craig was selected on recommendation from a trusted friend and in hindsight was some of the best advice I have ever received.

From the start I felt a sense of comfort–he really took the time to be present and listen (drove 3 hrs to meet me face to face)! He was reassuring, incredibly articulate, beyond knowledgeable, and was masterful at guiding me through the complex and tedious legal process. Craig was very transparent about the long legal journey ahead and made sure communication was strong and consistent.

It’s also important to note that throughout the entire process Craig kept a frequent pulse on my mental and physical health and made countless efforts to meet virtually and IN PERSON. This really resonated with me…he truly does care! I firmly believe he was the only lawyer who could have navigated the difficult circumstances of my case and he did it with honesty, integrity, and precision. The final outcome exceeded my expectations–a true testament to his hard work and dedication.

Steven A.

So My life changed in the blink of an eye right before Christmas. We prayed Upon the situation & were led right to Mr. Charles. We called and left a voicemail in hopes of receiving a call back the next day instead we received a call back within the hour. Craig was informed of the tragedy that took place and immediately agreed to assist in any way possible. Prior to even accepting our case, he gave his heartfelt guidance and advice on how to proceed with no pressure of hiring him whatsoever. He would genuinely call to check on us and make sure we were ok, like a family friend that sincerely cared about our wellbeing. Once he agreed to accept our case there was no shortage of communication, he was prompt, professional and highly knowledgeable about everything from start to finish, there was absolutely no point in time where I was left not knowing the status or progression of the case. To top it off he got us back waaaaayyy more than we anticipated in a rapid manner and we are so appreciative of all his hard work. Mr. Charles what you have done for us is nothing short of amazing, and from the bottom of my heart I can’t Thank You enough for being a light during this dark time. I would highly recommend Mr Craig Charles to anyone who is looking for an amazing Professional Attorney, there are many out there but he is definitely Top Tier, the absolute best, and you will not be disappointed!

J Carter

I was looking for an attorney and ended up with a friend. I call him a friend because friends have a special way of helping you through difficult situations, which is what Craig did for me. On more than one occasion, I may add.

I had known Craig professionally for quite some time, and what I always noticed, before he ever represented me, was his passion and dedication to his craft. It made the decision a no-brainer for me. You are choosing this person to be your representative, and I was totally at ease from the start knowing he was in my corner.

He is well read and very knowledgeable in terms of case law and all things law related. No gimmicks. No cutting corners. No phoning it in. He was always present and always up to date and caught up with all aspects of my case.

In terms of my physical wellbeing, I really felt his primary concern was always seeking out the best quality care out there. My doctors definitely cared, but I felt Craig cared more. Any physical issue I had, he would always make sure it received the proper attention it deserved.

When it came to the actual case and the issue of settlement, Craig always kept me optimistic through the whole process, which is very important, without having to sugarcoat anything. He set a goal, and he attained it. In my case, it ended up being the optimal goal. There was no doing better. He achieved the best case scenario. For that, I am very grateful.

Matthew E.

Craig Charles is a wonderful attorney I could not have been happier and I highly recommend him for any car accident lawsuits. He responds in an extreme timely matter, he is a very knowledge, trustworthy person. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you.

Vanessa I.

I was recently in a car accident and found out about Craig’s law firm from a family friend. Craig went above and beyond my expectations for my case! I didn’t expect such a great outcome! Craig was patient, kept his word and was very understanding! If myself or anyone I know ever need anything, I know where I would go or recommend!

Savannah I.

Craig’s is an amazing attorney with great communication, he is well organized, returns calls in a prompt manner, he cares about each and everyone of his clients. I highly recommend him.

Maria S.

How lucky was I to find Craig to represent me with my car accident. Not only was he efficient and thorough, his kindness and professionalism speaks volumes to his integrity. I highly recommend him to all who need a fantastic attorney and advocate.

Joan M.

Craig has been my go to legal Counsel for many years. he is amazing, always easy to get in touch with and he responds very fast. He is the only Attorney I will go to for Legal counsel and needs.

John D.

I can not speak highly enough about Craig Charles. Over the years I have worked with Mr. Charles and I can truly say he is a credit to his profession. I could give countless accolades from my patients who sought his services, and overwhelmingly, the response about Craig has been that his knowledge, integrity, and honesty is second to none. I personally trust his ability to handle a case professionally and feel comfortable communicating with him about my patient’s concerns. I can not recommend him enough if you want an honest attorney that will fight for what is best for the client.

Chett Mallett

I was referred to Craig Charles by a friend who spoke very highly of him. I was in a car accident where my car flipped over and the other party was at fault and uncooperative. I reached out to Craig who took my case, I was not the easiest client to have since I had just started a new job and was traveling and reluctant to miss work for my appointments. I was sent to a specialist for my back, who seemed overwhelmed and did not take my complaints serious, so instead of closing the case as instructed by the doctor, Craig sent me to another doctor who performed an MRI. This doctor found damage and was able to treat it. Craig was very patient and helpful, I always felt that he was more concerned about my health and well being than closing the case. I highly recommend Craig and would definitely work with him again!

Monica W.

Craig helped me manage, two auto accident injury claims (2014 and 2018), on both occasions his service was outstanding. His first priority was to get me high-quality medical treatment and to get me on the path of treatment and recovery. He made himself available, kept great communication and kept me updated on the status of my claim. His hard work helped lessen the stress of the accidents, this afforded me peace of mind while I healed. Both outcomes were favorable. He is fair, transparent and will give you an informed and realistic perspective. All of this lessened the burden of the accidents as he saved me all the grief from having to do it on my own.

I can’t thank Craig enough for his help, but what I appreciate more than anything is that he has been there to help some of my friends and family, when they have needed it. Thank you Craig!

Carlos E.

Craig is a consummate professional and really helped me through a very difficult and and unfortunate time. He is extremely patient and knowledgeable and was able to help alleviate many of the stressors involved. His knowledge, dedication and experience ensured a prompt victory and helped to protect me going forward.

Jason C.

Exceptional is the only word I can use to describe Craig, as a person and an as attorney. If you’re lucky enough to have him take your case, that’s your first win. My case was a complicated medical nightmare that was dragged out by a stonewalling insurance company who took responsibility for the accident that caused my spine injury, but denied my claims, and refused pay. Craig spent more than two years relentlessly fighting for me, crafting a case that completely dismantled the insurance company’s argument. And with the threat of trial looming, specialized litigators hired by the insurance company weren’t halfway through reading our case before they were advising the insurance company to avoid trial and pay us the maximum policy. Craig took my case from $0.00 to Maximum Payout.

I am deeply indebted to Craig for his meticulous, passionate representation, thoughtful council, and unwavering belief in a case that other lawyers called a lost cause. If you want to know the full story of what it took to win, and the lengths Craig went to– keep reading.

In 2016 I suffered a life changing spinal cord injury in a car accident when another driver ran a stop sign. The driver’s insurance company took full responsibility for the accident but they denied my injury claims, and refused to pay my medical bills, let alone any pain and suffering.

Initially I had been represented by a large, highly recommended, P.I. firm. But as my case grew complicated, my calls were sent to voicemail, meetings were cancelled, and after repeated efforts to talk to my lawyer, I was told by an assistant that the firm had dropped my case. I was horrified.

My case was a complicated medical nightmare that was rife with issues, the statute of limitations was closing, and knowing how bad it was, Craig still wanted my case. Months later when I asked him why, he told me, “I believe in this case. And you deserve to have someone fighting for you.” That is who Craig is. And the worse it got, the harder he fought.

Craig was relentless. He was constantly vetting our case with other attorneys, speaking with experts, and he never took No for an answer. When the insurance company claimed we were in violation of Prop 213, everyone was convinced our case was a lost cause. It took months, but Craig dug and dug until he uncovered caselaw that cleared us and completely dismantled the insurance company’s argument. It was incredible, and it saved our case.

Craig also came to every exam with the insurance company’s medical experts. Standard practice is to hire a nurse to record the exam. But Craig went because it allowed him to assess the doctors for trial, develop a plan for deposing them, and protect me from objectionable questioning. Whatever he could to gain an advantage and improve our case, he did it.

After three and a half years, dozens of doctors, MRI’s, medications, spinal injections, surgery, hospitalizations, rehabbing, and grinding pain, I was out of pocket over $30,000.00, my bills totaled over $100k. And the insurance company was still refusing to pay. We had no choice– we were going to trial.

The insurance company hired a notorious law firm to review our case and prepare for trial. But Craig was ready. He drew a meticulous 900 page narrative chronicling the accident, my injuries, and life changing damage. Halfway through reading it they were calling to ask if we would settle for the maximum policy.

We won! But Craig wasn’t done.

We still had the option for trial and potentially a larger payday. Most attorneys say get the money and get out. But that’s not who Craig is. We had long talks about what it would take to go to trial, the scrutiny I would be under, and how juries might respond. But there was never any pressure. In the end, I opted to settle, and I had Craig’s full support.

There is no way to adequately express how grateful I am to Craig for the years of dedicated, tireless work, his passion for my case, and thoughtful counsel. I am deeply indebted.

Sam F.

Craig is a wonderful lawyer! He is very knowledgeable and patient as I needed that. Always took my calls right away when I needed to talk to him, made me feel comfortable. Craig is very professionally, highly recommend.

Nathan B.

Craig Charles represented me with compassion, understanding, fully grasped the situation, smart and had a positive outcome. I highly recommend.

Kerry M.

Craig Charles is a wonderful lawyer. He is very knowledgeable and patient. He always took my calls right away when I needed to talk to him and handled my case very professionally. He helped me with a handsome settlement. I completely recommend him.

Carlos H.

Craig understands the realities of any situation. He has helped me tremendously with several different legal matters and has always protected my interests. Craig has my highest recommendation.

Todd A.

Craig was super professional and efficient. His rates are very fair and he was always available to answer my questions. He is incredibly thorough in his work and takes pride in what he does. Added to that he won my case! I would highly recommend him!

Nick H.

Craig Charles is a great personal injury attorney, who was attentive, reliable, understanding, and trust worthy. I had an amazing experience, as he fulfilled my expectations and made sure I was comfortable by offering the proper resources that helped execute my case. Communication was never an issue, I was able to reach him via email or phone, as he was a quick responder. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Shauna B.

Great attorney and great man who has gone above and beyond in helping me through a rough time.

Conor S.

I engaged Craig Charles for a serious personal injury case and was overall very happy with his services. He was very helpful in my recovery process and truly cared about my case and what I was going through. He was a great resource and ultimately got me the positive outcome I deserved. I would recommend him and refer to him for other legal guidance in the future if needed.

Jason M.

Im not sure how to start this other than by saying I’d bet my life on Craig Charles, and that’s exactly what I did in 2016. I was fighting some serious charges that carried serious time all while being slandered and libeled in the media with no one to turn to.

Craig is not your traditional lawyer in LA that will promise you everything and bail once he gets the retainer. If he believes you have a case he will fight for you like you have never seen. Tenacious, loyal, and with integrity that’s matched by few, I’ve witnessed first hand his dedication and devotion to bat for a client like it was his own family member.

Throughout many years, I’ve watched people hire attorneys only to watch their court cases end in dismay and utter disappointment. I’ve seen attorneys write checks they can’t cash, over-delivering to potential clients knowing all the while, they can’t commit to the time required to effectively represent the case.

If you or someone you know is in need of an attorney, I highly recommend Craig. If he agrees to represent you in your case, you’ve basically landed a gold mine. May the force be with you

Nick B.

Great law firm, Mr. Charles was patient, professional, and clear through every step of the otherwise daunting legal hurdles. I felt like he was a phone call away anytime I had questions or needed advice. Absolutely recommend!

DeSoto D.

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